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Art: Tactile Art by Jorge Restrepo (Museo Universitario, Medellin, Colombia)

"With a traveling exhibition that has gained international attention, Jorge Restrepo has created a space of reflection and learning. This exhibition, donated by Restrepo to Handicap International, is made entirely in the color white, where textures are the way to discover the wonder of the tactile perception. This is a contribution to the human effort to include blind people, that simultaneously raises interesting ways for the expression and definition of 'the visual' arts. The exhibition, which is currently at the Museo Universitario, in Medellin, Colombia, does not rely on information written in ink. The sighted depend on blind guides that give information to them about the artist and the titles of each work...since the labels are written in Braille. The room altogether is sober and creates an authentic installation." -- The rest of the story: