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The Arts: All Info-About Poetry

Paula Bardell-Hedley, Brit poet and storyteller, established this site to expose the works of contemporary poets to a wider audience and to get people talking about poetry. Features include short essays about the art of writing poetry, information about new poetry anthologies, and a selection of poems submitted to the site. For example, currently "In the Spotlight" are a short study of Vasile Grigore Latis's poetry by Eva Acqui, news that poet and translator Richard Wilbur has won the 2006 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, a look by Mary Arnold at the inspirations behind the work of Countee Cullen, and selection of poems published in the AIA Poetry Ezine since its 2001 launch. There are also brief biographical sketches of 20th century poets, a built-in search engine, an index of the subjects covered by the site, and links to companion sites on freelance writing, nursery rhymes, and women's literature. All Info-About Poetry: <>