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The Arts: The Trinity Session

"Directed by Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter, the trinity session is a contemporary art production team that investigates the relationships between art and business, collaborative practice, network development and contextual response....Heavily informed and influenced by context, the trinity session defines its strategies first from their Syncopations - an exhibition by Garth Doyleposition within Johannesburg, in relation to the national, African and south - south geographies....This 'map' determines its attitude to local and global debates, networks and partnerships with a view to the survival and sustainability of the visual arts produce in a cross-platform multidisciplinary way with artists, institutions and corporate brands and services....Current key processes investigate: urban regeneration through public art interventions; creativity as commodity through consultation processes and art and retail experiments; digital art development through digital network building; local industry strategies and development through relationships with cultural neighbours, similar contexts, international art networks and strategic global partnerships." -- from the website. The Trinity Session.