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Public Policy: Resolving issues that defy resolution in individual countries or regions

"The Global Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development "is a balanced set of specialised dialogue initiatives and networks typified by global participation and flexibility to cope with evolving circumstances. It addresses issues that defy resolution in individual countries or regions. Mutually beneficial dialogue between Members and relevant non-Members is critical to achieving progress in the search for solutions.

"The Forum is based on clearly focused policy themes emphasising continuity and sustained results. It aims to develop stable, active networks of policymakers in both Member and non-Member economies. Policy dialogue on each theme is developed through informal meetings of policymakers supported by the analytical use of comparable data. Participation of non-Members depends upon the issue discussed.

"Five of the Global Forum themes cut across policy sectors capitalising on the OECD's cross-sectoral expertise: Sustainable Development; Knowledge Economy comprising Biotechnology and E-Commerce; Governance; Trade; and International Investment. The other themes are: International Taxation, Agriculture, and Competition." -- from the website. <>