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Pencil Sharpening: Great Hoax Sites

Bonsai Kitten: Learn the art of sealing young kittens inside glass containers so that their bones will mold to the shape of the containers as they grow. <>

British Stick Insect Foundation: Everthing you wanted to know about feeding, training and breeding stick insects but were afraid to ask. <>

California Velcro Harvest: California's important velcro crop is in decline. Here's why. <>

Feline Reactions to Bearded Men: <> "Create your own genetically healthy child online." <>

The Ova Prima Foundation: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? <>

Sellafield Zoo: The Sellafield Zoo, located near the Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant, is the zoo "where the wildlife has a half-life." <> A gallery of artifacts that were found in caves beneath the New Mexico desert by the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO), a secret branch of the National Security Agency. <>

Clones-R-Us: <>

First Human Male Pregnancy: <>

Jackolope conspiracy: <>

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus: <>

How to make a blow torch: <>