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Biology: Nematodes

The Blaxter Nematode Genomics Lab of the Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology at the University of Edinburgh has data on a variety of research efforts including the Filarial Genome Project, Nematode Expressed Sequence Tags, Molecular Analysis of Diversity, and A Molecular Evolutionary Framework for the Phylum Nematoda, to name a few (alas, the link I most wanted, to Earthworm.Org, didn't work). The site contains a list of publications, and the BlaxterLab Nematode Blast Server which allows users to search several databases including Groups of Nematodes (Nucleotide), C. elegans Genome (Nucleotide), EST Consensi Databases, Protein Databases, etc. and links to NEMBASE, a database resource being developed as "a research tool for both nematode biology and drug discovery/vaccine design." <>