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Search Engines: iZito and Ujiko -- new search tools

"The name iZito consists of 'I' and 'Zito'. The Greek word 'Zito' means 'Search'. Combining the two makes iZito: 'I Search'....iZito will make searching on the Internet quicker, easier and more efficient. Every Internet search retrieves a lot of search results. Screening through those results costs a lot of time. The iZito Rich User Interface will save you time with screening. At the end of 2004 iZito will launch a next version of their search engine. With this version iZito will incorporate Human Intelligence." -- from the website. <>

"Ujiko uses the brand new Yahoo search technology....According to search engine experts, results are considered at least as relevant as Google’s ones. This engine gives you access to over 4 billion documents that you may now grade, comment and rank thanks to Ujiko....When you click on one of the results, the page is stored by Ujiko and will instantly appear in the first results next time you search. Choose which site will be first with the heart-grade or, on the contrary, filter the one you dislike. All sites you find can be modified: title, description and heart grade will be memorized and displayed during another query. Finally, you can create filters to mark or delete some results depending on their addresses (URL) or description." -- from the website. <>