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Media: TruthOut.Org

There are any number of worthwhile news digests on the left, but few that compare to TruthOut. Edited by spirited essayist William Rivers Pitt (author, with Scott Ritter, of War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know), the easy-to-navigate site is rich with news and editorials drawn from official sources and mainstream and alternative media, but the focus on issues -- specifically voting rights, the environment, the federal budget, the welfare and safety of children, the impract of politics on the process of governing, indigenous survival, renrewable energy, defense, health, the economy, human rights, labor, trade, women, campaign finance reform, and related global developments -- provides a very different perspective on the news than the car-chase and political horse race world depicted in corporate media. TruthOut publishes email summaries and bulletins, usually bandwidth-friendly links, that are clearly labeled for easy handling; subscribe at <>. The website is <>.