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Writers: Anthony Trollope

For nearly two decades, I penned a weekly column on books for the Sunday edition of New York Newsday. During much of that time, two publishers, Penguin and Oxford, put out competing complete editions of the works of everybody's second-favorite writer, Anthony Trollope. And that gave me an excuse to read lots of Trollopes that I covered in a regular feature of the column, "Trollope Watch."

"Anthony Trollope is a new website which aims to introduce readers to Trollope, a website for an author as relevant to the modern day as to the Victorian reader....The Anthony Trollope website is a place for everyone interested in Trollope to share their enthusiasm for this great Victorian author....Whether you're new to Trollope or already an enthusiast you can enter competitions, win books, join reading groups and much more." -- from the website.

The site includes free downloads of virtually all of Trollope's works.

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