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Resources: Niche Music Social Networks

You've heard of the big social networks like Facebook and MySpace, but some of the niche music social networks are starting to be very popular, too. Mashable has a post that describes what it claims are the twelve best music social network. Here is their list:

  • Flotones
  • Radio 2.0 from Mercora
  • MOG
  • iLike
  • JamNow
  • MusoCity
  • Haystack
  • Sonific
  • Midomi
  • iJigg
  • Sellaband with its 15 million users was recently bought by CBS. iLike's widget has become very popular on Facebook. MySpace and YouTube probably should probably be included on the list, because both are frequently turned to for music and music is one of the main reasons each became so popular.
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