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Le Mot Juste: Language Resources On Line

The estimable and venerable Babel Fish are doubtless in your bookmarks, but too frequently you find yourself searching for the meaning of a word that is peculiar to some social or professional subset, medicine, say, or plumbing, or is in another language, and neither site, nor Google's definition function, can help. Needless to say, out there, beyond Merriam-Webster and American Heritage, is the answer.

eGlossary <>, our own effort, helps locate specialized glossaries, dictionaries and word lists on particular topics and occupations. It is quick and easy for visitors to add databases they favor. And a specialized Google function at the bottom of the homepage enables searches for more word tools on the web. <>, enables the downloading or viewing of language dictionaries. The site has links to translation resources,including tools for hand-held devices if you're traveling, plus free online translation software and even free human translation for short texts.

FreeTranslation <> has text and website translation in several European and Asian languages. The company sells a desktop translation tool by subscription.

InfoPlease <> includes more than 125,000 entries, from aalii to zymurgy, plus Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

Omniglot <> is another database of language- and translation-related resources. For translation, you can access online dictionaries as well as online translation and localization tools, some free.

OneLook Dictionary Search <> looks for your term everywhere: "11,254,217 words in 966 dictionaries indexed."

PROMT <> is a free device that enables you to translate text, websites and email between English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish .

WorldLingo <> provides free translation of up to 150 words for text, webpages and email covering 15 languages. In addition, you can direct the tool to use specialized glossaries to produce more accurate translations.

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