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Music: Memorial performance of 4'33" dedicated to the memory of John Cage (YouTube)

The top link on the YouTube page below is to a video from a concert in memory of John Cage, a live performance of his 4'33". A work that consists of three movements of ambient noise, it must lose some of the impact intended by the composer when it is announced in advance; instead of generating surprise, shock and outrage, it tends to inspire the audience to four and half minutes of whispered pretention. Still, it makes you think.

Other links on the page take you to additional performances, including adaptations for other instruments (it was written for piano), such as guitar and recorder. It's probably the only music that you'd really like to hear Kenny G* do.'33"&search=Search

* Gratuitous aside: The masterful guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson once wrote a song, "I Agree With Pat Metheny, Kenny's Talents Are Too Teeny," that went in part:
A meeting of great minds, how nice
Like Einstein and Sporty Spice
Digitally fused in an abortion
Oh, Kenny fans will doubtless rave
While Satchmo turns inside his grave
Soprano man's bit off more than his portion.

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