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Esoterica: Damn Interesting dot com is a collection of things that are, well, damn interesting. Imagine my surprise, though, to find there the candirĂº, an Amazonian predator, also known as the pencil fish, an ornery little critter after which, in a pixilated moment in the 70s, I named a summer house (in a neighborhhood of "Beach Havens" and "Summer Breezes" and "Dune Dreamings," a retreat paying tribute to a parasite that swims up the urethra of its victims and digs itself in with sharp spikes before chewing into an artery was a welcome conversation-ender). Although a few of these posts could be described as "news," mostly the site's writers are interested in uncovering fascinating facts and ideas, from the past, the present, or anticipated in the future. <>

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