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Downloading: BurnLounge @ Rewind The Rhythm

Rewind the Rhythm, Jay Michaels' contemporary adult radio show featuring classic r&b and soul artists launched last year, has introduced a music download site, BurnLounge, offering a selection of tunes over 2 million long and growing. Pricing is competitive with music services like iTunes, with BurnLounge having the advantage that the music can be delivered to any MP3 player, including the iPod. "Download. Burn. Share. Earn." Catchy, huh? Anyone -- a band, an indie label, a talent agency, a music video producer, a venue -- can sign up as a BurnLounge retailer and potentially make some money. The company "will help you set up and promote your own BurnLounge with radio commercials, web advertisements, MP3 player giveaways" and other marketing efforts.
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