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Resource: Alliance for Community Technology

"The mission of the Alliance for Community Technology (ACT) is to lead in advancing the use of computing and communication technology globally to serve people (to help people help themselves) through community serving organizations. It is committed to a human-centered focus on the creation, use, understanding, training and dissemination of appropriate technologies to support communities whether these communities are defined by geography, organizational structure or common interest (i.e. whether they are defined physically or conceptually). It will focus particularly on disadvantaged communities.

"ACT pursues its mission through building value-adding alliances between the academic world, social investors, and community serving organizations (both individual, intermediaries and coalitions). It will focus especially on building complementary relationships between these entities – trying to create relationships of mutual-self interest which capitalize on the unique capabilities and missions of the various type entities. Various affiliates of the alliance should do what they do best." -- from the website. <>