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Health: Herbal Safety (for Dr. Bob)

"The website has two primary purposes: To disseminate information about research findings related to herbal use in [the Tex-Mex] region, as well as to provide information about the safety of herbal product use in both English and Spanish. This feature makes it one of the few bilingual websites specifically developed to disseminate non-commercial information about medicinal plants....Unfortunately, some of the information currently available about medicinal plants is either misleading, or simply lacking. This is especially true of the medicinal plants from China, India or Mexico, for example, which, aside from a few exceptions, have not been studied in depth for their potential therapeutic applications....Medicinal herbs may indeed be a therapeutic option, but only if used properly and under the guidance of a professional. Too often we hear the expression: 'Since herbal products are natural, they are safe.' -- from the website (University of Texas at El Paso and UT Austin Cooperative Pharmacy
Program). <>