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Photography: Richard Avedon

As much as any other cultural manifestation, these images by Richard Avedon and his long-time creative collaborator Doon Arbus defined the Sixties. The images here, from a 1999 book, include Dylan, Baez, Janis Joplin, Warhol, Viva and Twiggy, Lennon and the other Beatles, the Fugs, Abbie Hoffman, Zappa....Plus a recorded interview with Avedon and Arbus, brief biographies of featured subjects, and a chronology 1960-1973. <>

Avedon died in October 2004. His official site has a chronology of his life and work, examples of editorial and advertising work from 2004, lists of one-man exhibits and awards, a bibliography of his books, and excerpts from his writing and interviews. <>

"Available online is the accompanying publication's foreword, an essay by the exhibition's curators, a special image presentation, and audio clips featuring the voices of Richard Avedon, Marian Anderson, the exhibition's curators, and others." From the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art catalogue of 2002-2003 show. <>