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Art: Vatican Museums

"As Director of the Vatican Museums...I hope that this new site may be a useful instrument of knowledge and give access to the complex reality of our five hundred-year old art collections which are visited by more than three million people a year...The Vatican Museums are one of the most famous and renowned cultural institutions of the Holy See. They are known everywhere because of the masterpieces which the Roman Pontiffs have commissioned, collected and preserved during the ages. Together with the immense heritage of movable works of art, sculptures and paintings, which are displayed in the galleries, the itineraries of the Vatican Museums include the most important and artistically significant rooms of the Vatican Apostolic Palace, such as the Cappella Niccolina,...the Appartamento Borgia, the Stanze painted by Raphael and, of course, the Sistine Chapel with frescoes by Michelangelo..." -- from the website. <>