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The Culture: The Mindset List

"For the sixth year, Beloit College has developed and distributed to the faculty and staff the 'Beloit College Mindset List.' According to co-editor Tom McBride, Keefer Professor of the Humanities at the Wisconsin liberal arts college, the list helps to slow the rapid onset of 'hardening of the references,' in the classroom.

"McBride notes that 'These entering students were born into a world that had developed a screening test for AIDS and where managed healthcare was gaining its first foothold. The Middle East had replaced the USSR and Eastern Europe as our greatest challenge to security. It is a generation which believes in technological innovations and solutions and where digital devices, PIN numbers and calling cards are an integral part of their lives. Despite the fears associated with AIDS and divorce, we should remember that this is a generation that has grown up in a largely successful, prosperous society . . . I believe they are fascinated and vexed by the results of the world they have made,' says Prof. McBride." -- from the website. <>