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Music: If you've got it, flaut it

Dayton C. Miller, who grew up in rural mid-19th century Ohio to become a highly regarded acoustician and physicist, was an avid collector of flutes and related musical instruments and ephemera. When he died in 1941, he left more than 1700 flutes and other wind instruments to the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress, from whence comes this sampling of Mr. Miller's passion. Visitors can a look at few wonderful and unusual instruments, including rare crystal flutes, a 22-karat gold flute designed by Miller, and an instrument presented to President James Madison; read about the substantial differences between fife and band flutes (who knew?); and examine The Pleasant Companion: or New Lessons and Instructions for the Flagelet (1680), one of more than 3000 books and pamphlets in the archive. At the Library of Congress.