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"In March 2004 this website changed its name from “” to “Emporis”. The new name is an original word, derived from the German “empor”, which means “high” or “aloft”. The word is also used to express the actions of ascending or aspiring, and it was chosen to reflect the ever-rising nature of this enterprise, which is constantly adding new content, new features, and new capabilities.

"A primary reason for the name change is that this website has outgrown its initial focus on tall buildings. In early 2000 this project was launched with a data set of 1,500 tall buildings, with the idea that covering the most prominent structures was a starting point for deeper and broader coverage of all important structures throughout the world. Today Emporis is achieving this; in addition to more than 87,500 high-rises it lists tens of thousands of low-rise buildings, and sections are under development for stadiums, bridges, churches, industrial buildings, and about 20 other types.

"Aside from its expressive properties, the trademark “Emporis” was chosen as a more professional representation of our services, which include access to geographic, corporate, and building-related data, marketing opportunities for building-related companies, and image licensing. The domain name will be retained, and will point directly to the high-rise section of the website." -- from the website. <> <>